AdBlock, the app that makes the web magically ad-free in Chrome and Safari, is pleased to present:
Apply to beta test AdBlock Freedom
Thank you for your interest in testing AdBlock Freedom.

Unfortunately, this was an April Fools' 2011 joke, so there is nothing to test! The beta tester application below took you to this blog post.

If accepted as a tester you will be provided with a functioning set of eyewear and expected to find and look at lots and lots of real-world ads (which hopefully will all get blocked!) Remember that, unlike AdBlock for Chrome and Safari, AdBlock Freedom still has bugs; AdBlock is not responsible for any malaise you may feel from seeing the occasional false negative. Also, AdBlock Freedom should not be used while driving, in case you happen to pass a bus with an advertisement on its side.

If all that sounds OK with you, please fill in the following; you'll get an email within 24 hours if accepted.

In 100 words or less, why would you make a good beta tester?
Note: Be original! Here are things not to say:
  • I hate ads.
  • There are lots of ads in my city.
  • I walk/drive around a lot.
  • I'm a geek, or beta tester, or IT professional.
Make your response interesting and clever or you're not likely to be accepted!

And finally, since you'll be beta testing for an open source project:

Spread the word about AdBlock Freedom: