Katie and me

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Hi, I'm Michael, the author of AdBlock! That's me and my wife Katie in the picture.

AdBlock is "honor-ware". This means that you pay what you can afford for AdBlock, and there's no enforcement except the honor system. We're trusting you.
In fact, I quit my job to work on AdBlock, so we're trusting you a lot.

I made these before and after shots to help you see how great AdBlock is!

Please pay as much as you can. Are Katie and I naïve for trusting you to pay? I guess we'll find out :)

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How I'll thank you: I'll send you a thank-you note from the bottom of my heart ... and a haiku ... about whatever you want ... and an autographed drawing of whatever you want ... and I'll call you up to say thank you personally ... and I'll give you an email account @chromeadblock.com ... and I'll physically mail you a super-fancy piece of wall art saying you/your friends/your meetup group/etc make AdBlock happen .

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